Executive Search (also called Headhunting) is an especially effective method of the external personnel recruitment,
which is applied in the search for qualified specialists and executives. Applicants are contacted directly either
in person or by telephone and are introduced to the client following previous preselection.


The search is implemented systematically, and is based on a tight time schedule. Usually, the successful occupation
of a vacancy takes between 5 and 12 weeks.


Basically, the accomplishment of a search mandate can be divided into the following steps:

1. Briefing
    The special expertise and personal qualities of the desired candidate are discussed together with the client
    and a requirement profile or search profile is provided for the best possible occupation of the vacancy.

2. Target listing
    An additional market and sector analysis and list of target companies for the search is compiled on the basis
    of the search profile if necessary. Hence, it is possible to exclude certain companies from direct contact
    (e.g. to protect existing business connections).

3. Direct contact
    After the identification of potentially suitable candidates, they are contacted directly and discreetly
    and their basic suitability and motivation for the vacancy are determined.

4. Screening
    The suitability and motivation of the candidates are evaluated in detail and are documented
    in form of a short profile.

5. Interview
    After we have received the application documents, the candidates’ impression is deepened
    through personal conversations and are documented with the help of confidential reports.

6. Presentation
    Following a thorough preselection, the candidates who are best suited to the requirement
    profile are introduced to the client.

7. Conclusion
    If desired, the client is supported during contract negotiations with candidates.

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